Capital of the state and the second most populous and important city in Mexico, internationally famous for being the cradle of mariachi, tequila, charrería and for having one of the richest artisan centers in the country, Tlaquepaque.


Places to visit


Go to the Hospicio Cabañas designed by Manuel Tolsá and decorated with the murals of José Clemente Orozco. Lie on a bench to experience the visual impact caused by the painting of the man in flames on the dome.


Get to know Guadalajara Square, Liberation Square, Rotunda de los Jalicienses Ilustres or Plaza de Armas before heading towards the Degollado Theater, the Expiatory Temple, the church of San Juan de Dios or the Ibero-American Library.

Visit the José Clemente Orozco museum, an impressive construction that is highlighted in the urban space thanks to the spectacular square that precedes it, built since 180.


Visit Tlaquepaque, Tonalá and Zapopan


If you go to Guadalajara we recommend you visit the neighboring municipalities Tlaquepaque and Tonalá, as they are ideal for buying decorative handmade objects of pottery and pottery. There you will find the Independencia Walker in which stores, galleries, cafes and ice cream shops, the Casa del Artesano and the Regional Museum of Ceramics are located. For its part, Zapopan stands out for its viceregal constructions, such as the basilica of our lady Zapopan that keeps the first religious images created shortly after the Conquest: La Generala, La Madre de Jalisco and La Reina.




Beer tour in Guadalajara


With this beer tour in Guadalajara you can get to know the capital of Jalisco from another perspective: fresh, fun and delicious. Meet the bars where the best craft beer is served accompanied by peculiar snacks such as shrimp popcorn.


Cultural Festival of May


Every May, the pearl Tapatia hosts an important artistic event with a magnificent range of musical, dance, plastic arts, cinema and gastronomy shows.


This festival was created in 1998 as a space dedicated to recreation and cultural exchange between various countries of the world and the state of Jalisco. The event takes place in the city’s best known venues, such as the slaughtered theater and the cabañas cultural center; as well as enclosures in other municipalities such as Zapopan and Tlaquepaque.


Since 2003, a guest country has been chosen, such as Germany, Japan, Spain, Poland, Canada, etc.


Mariachi festival


Every year, Guadalajara celebrates one of the most important events of the region, the international mariachi´s & charreria´s encounter, a party full of color, fun, and music.


Held in August with the Sunday parade on the Chapultepec corridor, in which allegorical cars, comparsas and where exhibitions of charrería, dance and music techniques are presented. The charro championship is also held with teams from all over the country, music workshops and didactic concerts. No doubt an experience that you can not miss.

Day of the Dead


The Tapatios strive with their original and colorful celebrations, with the illusion of the return of souls every November. Admire this celebration. The Tapatios strive with their original and colorful celebrations, with the illusion of the return of the deceased every November.


From October 28 until November 2, enjoy the different activities that are held around Guadalajara. Enjoy the different scenarios of large altars with candles, confetti, sugar skulls, salt and of course, tequila.


Some of the places that are dressed in colors these days are the Walker Pedro Loza who during the days of all saints is known as the cempasúchil walker, since the roofs of the farms of that place are lined with these beautiful flowers.

These celebrations begin with the parade of the day of the dead, to the sound of the tambora and the mariachi by the avenues Juárez, Vallarta, Chapultepec, Mexico among others.


It is also possible to participate in one of the dramatized night tours in the Pantheon of Mezquitan or wait until November 2 to the Procession of the Animas carried out in the main streets of the city.


Wine festival


Do you like wine and are you in Guadalajara? Launch this November 23 at #FEVINO and savor the best proposals of more than 70 houses and wineries across the country. In a relaxed atmosphere come to enjoy the Mexican wine that is gaining potential for its delicate and exciting elaboration. The appointment is in Guadalajara on November 28 and 29 where more than 70 wineries will participate to present their best wines, from white, red, aged and sparkling wines.


International book fair


Made from November 30 to December 8.


One of the most important and expected literary events in Mexico and Latin America, a meeting point for writers, creatives and fans of reading and where book presentations, readings, as well as other cultural events are made in different venues.

At the foot of the Tequila Volcano stands this town, whose agave landscape has been declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2006. Its haciendas and colonial houses keep Mexican restaurants, distilleries, canteens and craft shops, as well as the most renowned factories where one of the most emblematic drinks of Mexico is manufactured: tequila. Tequila is located less than 60km from Guadalajara, in the north-central region of the state of Jalisco. Nice warm and semi-dry weather.


In the center you will find places with all kinds of crafts, such as jars and wooden barrels made of oak, also known as red stick. Another option is skin-lined amphorae or items made with pineapple and agave leaves, such as bags, purses or bracelets. You will also find several talabarteros workshops where huaraches, belts and leather pins are sold. Your nights will be filled with a unique sweet aroma that will make your senses fall in love: it is the soft smell of cooked agave that escapes from the ovens to flood the town with its aroma and trap you with its magic and all your senses succumb. Live a unique experience in the Magic Towns of Mexico, visit Tequila.


On board tours


Jose Cuervo Express


The journey begins at the Guadalajara train station. On the way, watch through the windows how the horizon of greenish blue fields that lie on soft hills seems to advance: it is the agave landscape. During the tour you can enjoy the emblematic drinks made with the traditional tequila such as margaritas, accompanied by the sweet mariachi melody to create a festive atmosphere. Upon reaching the destination and entering the distilleries, you will know the magic of transforming agave pineapples into the most famous spirit drink in Mexico, tequila. First, the baking ovens emit red earth vapors to obtain their nectar from the agave; then the mills extract their juices to ferment in large tubs and distilled in stills; In the end, the careful process of distillation happens so that tequila finally has a long dream in oak barrels. During the whole tour, and to close the different tequilas, white, reposed or aged, tasting in a tasting of gold, and discover the being inside that can be soft, brisk or affable; surrender in every sip to the pleasure of Mayahuel.


Herradura Express


The trip begins with a tour in the exclusive and modern train towards the hacienda house horseshoe, where you can enjoy the wonderful agaveros landscapes that have shaped tequila. Upon arrival at the farm you will be part of the guided tour of the facilities that, of course, includes a tequila tasting of the horseshoe. Enjoy a selection of Mexican dishes with unique flavors while listening to live music and admire a folk dance show. An unmissable experience when you visit Tequila that ends with the return to Guadalajara.


The best Tequila events you can’t miss


Cultural week


The first half of April you can witness a variety of cultural and recreational activities with exhibitions, musical presentations, plays and craft workshops.


Day of Santa Cruz


This is one of the most important celebrations of Tequila, year after year during the month of May pilgrimages are carried out, typical dances accompanied by drum and bells, as well as fireworks.


National Holidays


There is not better place to find mariachis, tequila and Mexican snacks than this town? In addition to light shows during the national holidays held in September, a fair with skill games and fireworks is held, a stage is set up next to the temple where various musical groups are presented and at 11 p.m. famous “grito”.


National Tequila Fair


In late November and early December, in order to celebrate the Lady of the Immaculate Conception and the Virgin of Guadalupe, this event arose where the most representative elements of the state are commemorated: tequila, charrería and mariachis.


October celebrations


From the first Saturday of the month until the first of November, the October Festivities, a cultural event with dance shows, workshops, concerts and a palenque can be held in the Benito Juárez Auditorium and in different buildings of the city appreciate cockfights.