The Chapultepec park is the perfect spot to take a walk or take a bike ride, visit the zoo with more than 1,400 species open on Tuesdays to Sundays from 9 am until 4:30 pm.

Visit The National History Museum Chapultepec Castle which host art collections and objects from the Independence time besides having one of the best panoramic views of Mexico City. Open seven days a week Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am until 4:30 pm.
You can also take a boat ride on the lake located in the first section of the park and enjoy a delicious snacks on any of the stands around the area.


Frida Kahlo
If you are a fan of Frida Kahlo´s work, you cannot miss to visit this house. In addition to some of her paintings, you will see love letters, pre-hispanic pieces and the corset she used after her accident. Open from Tuesday to Sunday on a Schedule of 10 am until 5 pm located in Coyoacan, Mexico City.


Lucha libre
The arena Mexico is an emblematic place where you can watch shows of professional wrestling better known as lucha libre. You will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere supporting your favorite masked wrestler.
*There is a Turibus ride that takes you to the arena at the end of the tour.

Named Cultural heritage of Humanity since 1987 you will discover the beautiful colors if you walk through the markets full of iridescent flowers, or you can navigate in the middle of walled canals with gardens and tree curtains over their pigmented and bright trajineras; There you will discover small artificial islands, called chinampas full of flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants. You can make this magnificent tour while you eat, and drink snacks accompanied by mariachi music or marimba veracruzana. In addition, you will find a thrilling place that will make you feel chills: the dolls island.
Open all days of the year.

Six Flags
For fans of adrenaline. Is the largest amusement park in Mexico. Offers attractions for all ages. You can found games, shows, restaurants, souvenir shops and stands with delicious snacks.
Open all week from 10 am until 9 pm.

At the Hipodromo de las Americas you can watch the best horses’ races in the city, you can also make bets, eat and have a drink (Check racing seasons). 20 minutes from Presidente Intercontinental México Polanco and 40 minutes from Presidente Intercontinental Santa Fe.


Visit the magical neighborhood of Garibaldi near downtown, where diverse groups will make you sing one of the most popular and traditional music genres of Mexico: Mariachi. In addition to that in the surroundings there are restaurants and bars which are an excellent option for an unbeatable night.


Typical dish
There is no better typical dish in Mexico City than tacos al pastor, a delicious combination made with marinated pork accompanied by pineapple, cilantro, onion and sauce.
They can be tasted in any taqueria around the city.


Touristic transportation
Turibus is the perfect option for transportation if you want to see all city in just a couple minutes. Turibus has different routes from Reforma to downtown and different neighborhoods like Condesa.
One depature point is out of the national auditorium just in front of Presidente Intercontinental Polanco.


Inbursa Acuarium


Located in Polanco, the Inbursa aquarium is the only underground aquarium in Latin America, where you can find  crocodiles, sharks, manta rays and piranhas to jellyfish, corals and penguins.


It has 14,000 kinds specimen of 350 different species. Divided into 4 thematic areas where people can learn whit fun and get to know the marine diversity.


An ideal destination for adults and children, you cannot miss it in the big city.


Music Festivals


Today festivals move the world. Every time new and more varied proposals emerge and in bolder corners of the world and for a couple of years the city of Mexico has some of the best proposals of musical festivals throughout the year. With genres for all tastes and the best artists worldwide