Queretaro is located in the center area of Mexico, among the states of San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Estado de México and Michoacán. The climate is variable from semi-tropical to desert.

Santiago de Querétaro, is the capital of the state. It is a colonial city with a lot of old buildings, churches, convents and vice regal houses which keep inside any amount of leyends and traditional stories. Sightseeing is suggested in the city train where a certificate guide will explain you some of them.

Other option is the weekend night walkings, since the 20:00 hrs. The local guide will tell different stories that evoke old legends as the one of the Santa Rosa´s nun, or the Ecala Lady, or the one from the local hero Chucho el Roto.

There are a lot of places to visit for example Tequisquiapan. This is one of the charming Magic Towns of the state where you may find the handcraft typical market and many options to taste the delicious gastronomy of Queretaro. Do not forget the National Wine and Cheese fair that is celebrated between May and June.

Tequisquiapan, the town where Art, Cheese and Wine Route may starts.

This is a new option in a country ambiance cover the municipalities of Cadereyta de Montes, San Juan del Río, Colón where are located the most important winemaking zones which offer guided tours including master classes, tastings, samplings and matching, attendees will be able to discover any number of secrets and varieties of Mexican wines. Some tours also includes the regional cheese factories that show processes of milk production of artisanal cheesemaking

If sports is your preference you may try to visit La Corregidora Stadium to enjoy a soccer match or try to climb the third world´s biggest monolith (The first is Peñon de Gibraltar in the Mediterranean, the second Pan de Azucar in Rio de Janeiro ) named Peña de Bernal with 288 m. height and enjoy the wonderful landscape from the top.

Get ready to fly and live a different experience. Hire a trip in a hot air balloon flight or if you are traveling on November be prepared to enjoy the Hot Air Balloon International Festival. Trade fairs, religious, historical and natural sites provide to Queretaro the best place to create your new memories.