Reservation Policies


You can make your reservations by phone at our Reservation Center, and reserve the number of nights you want, in the hotel and season you select, subject to availability, up to our full Point balance at the time you make the reservation, and depending on the limit on the number of room/nights that can be reserved for a single stay.

The Club will apply an additional non-refundable Administrative Fee for reservations of less than five room/nights, for changes and cancellations.

As a condition for reserving and receiving the benefits of The Club Membership, you must be up-to-date on all payments. This includes monthly payments, surcharges, penalties or other pending fees with The Club at the time of making the reservation or of receiving the services.

If you acquired your Membership through a credit plan, the number of Points available to you will directly correspond to the percentage of your Membership that has been paid. The Club will hold back 15% of the total Points until the Membership has been paid in full.

If you own more than one Membership or acquired Additional Points Packages, you may combine their use if you want..

Non-Elite Level Members must pay the Reservation Rates published in the Usage Calendar.

1.1. Reservation Window

Your Membership lets you reserve from nine months to 48 hours before your arrival date.

1.2. Availability

All reservations are subject to availability.

1.3. Guest Certificates

Membership usage rights and benefits belong exclusively to the owner and/or registered beneficiaries. If a Member or their beneficiaries do not travel but wish to share their Points with family members or friends, a Guest Certificate Fee must be paid when making the reservation.

1.4. Room type and Capacity

The type of room available to Members of the Club is the  Standard, but you can request upgrades to higher categories either when you make your reservation or directly at the hotel’s reception desk (subject to availability), by paying a supplemental fee or using additional points.  You can check our current rates by calling the Customer Service telephone numbers.

The capacity of a Standard room is two adults and two children of 12 or under.  When three adults are traveling, you will be charge an additional adult fee.  Occupancy cannot exceed three adults and one child.

*Cozumel does not have Standard category rooms for members with Pool View.  A surcharge or additional points would be needed for an upgrade.

1.5. Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-in is 3:00 p.m. and check-out 1:00 p.m. at Presidente InterContinental hotels.

This schedule may vary for other The Club affiliated hotels. You will be advised of check-in and check-out times when making a reservation.

1.6. Extra Points and Additional Point Packages

You have the following options if you do not have enough Points to book a reservation but are current on all of your Membership payments.

  1. You can purchase Extra Pointsup to the full value of your stay. The cost for Extra Points will be published periodically with the Usage Calendar.
  2. Increase the percentage of Pointsavailable to you by accelerating your monthly Membership payments. This option is valid for financed Memberships.
  3. Acquire Additional Points Packages.

1.7. Reservation Confirmation

The confirmation process consists of the following steps: verifying availability at the hotel of your choice, checking to make sure you have the necessary Points to book the reservation, and assuring you are up-to-date on all The Club Membership payments. When these conditions are met, you will be given a reservation confirmation number.

When you make your reservation, you will be charged the equivalent of the Daily Rate for one room/night, as the equivalent of a Security Deposit.  The total balance of Fees will be charged directly to your account during your stay at the hotel.  If you reserve for less than five room/nights, you will be charged an additional Administrative Expense fee.

When you make your reservation you must supply a credit card number to guarantee payment of the applicable fees.


The cancellation of a reservation is subject to the following conditions:

2.1. Timely Cancellation with Points Reimbursement

When canceling at least 15 (fifteen) or more days before your check-in date, all non-expired Points will be credited to your account, and your security deposit minus the standard Administrative Fee for all cancellations will be reimbursed.

2.2. Timely Cancellation with Points 

Reimbursement and Penalty

When canceling between fourteen (14) and seventy-two (72) hours (3 days) before your confirmed check-in date, all non-expired Points will be credited to your account and the full amount of the Guaranty Deposit will be withheld as a penalty. Said Penalty will include the Administrative Fee.

2.3. Late Cancellation

When canceling less than seventy-two (72) hours (3 days) before your confirmed check-in date:

  • You will be charged the Daily Fee corresponding to the first three days of the reservation for each room booked.
  • You will be debited all Points for the first three nights of the stay.

2.4. Special Season Cancellations

Due to the high demand during Special Seasons, all Daily Fees corresponding to this travel period will be charged if the booking is cancelled less than 30 days before check-in.

Non-expired Points will be restored to your account for cancellations made no less than 72 hours before the confirmed check-in date.

2.5. No Show

You will lose all Points and Daily Fees for each room/night reserved if you do not show up on the confirmed check-in date.