Ixtapa, is one of the tourist destinations par excellence in México. Founded in the 70s, it offers a very Mexican and traditional style. It is the perfect combination between a magical fishing village and a tourist development adorned with beautiful beaches and endless attractions that you should meet on your next visit; here we are going to talk about some of them.


Speaking of gastronomy in this beautiful destination, is speaking of pleasure. Ixtapa offers more than 200 restaurants for all tastes. You will find delicious typical dishes and at the same time very high level international cuisine, all made with fresh products from the coast.

Be sure to try their traditional “Tiritas de Pescado” which is finely chopped fish marinated in lemon, with red onion and hot chili peppers. Other typical dishes are: Red Clams, Oysters, Octopus, Huachinango (Red snapper) and the “Seafood Plate Special” specialty of some restaurants that includes a little of all the delicacies of the sea that this region offers.


Named by Saltwater Sportfishing Magazine as the second most popular fishing destination in the world, Ixtapa offers a wide variety of species for the practice of this sport, such as sailfish, tunafish, barracuda, sea bass, grouper and dorado almost all year round. As well as wahoo, black and blue marlin in the months of October, November and December. In May you can participate in the International Sailfish Fishing Tournament accompanied by the most skilled Captains of the Mexican Pacific. Back on land, and to your delight, some restaurants offer to prepare and serve your catch.


On a long or short board you can feel the force of the waves of this region that reach up to 1,600ft in length on the various beaches that surround this paradise. There is no need to wear a special suit as its waters are warm all year round.

If you are not an expert, there are numerous instructors who will be happy to share all

their skills and knowledge with you. The best beaches for surfing are Las Escolleras, Barrio Nuevo, La Saladita, Las Gatas, El Rancho, Lagunilla and Majahua among others.

Don’t worry if you don’t have equipment, Ixtapa has many stores where you will find everything you need to have fun.

Cycle path

These and many other adventures await you in Ixtapa, think no more.

Experience the splendor of nature and the tropical climate that the Pacific coast has on the Ixtapa Cycle path. Running, skating or cycling, the flora and fauna of this region await you.

This 5 miles path is divided into sections, the first one goes from Marina Ixtapa to the Marina Ixtapa Golf Club. The second one goes up the coast crossing Aztlán Park, which is a natural reserve for crocodiles, iguanas and birds, and reaches Playa Linda. Opposite to it, is the 3rd section that begins at Paseo de los Viveros and ends at the Instituto Tecnológico de la Costa Grande. Alone or accompanied you are welcome.


Both Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa offer irresistible colorful places to shop. In them you will find very good quality products from the region made by skillful artisans of great tradition and heritage. We can mention two that you cannot miss: One is the Mercado de

Artesanías located in the Hotel Zone of Ixtapa and the other is located on Cinco de Mayo Street, next to the church in Zihuatanejo. Inside there are hundreds of stalls with a very wide variety of handicrafts made of ceramic, brass and wood, as well as rugs, hammocks

and beautiful textile canvases. There are also fine boutiques with traditional garments and artistic pieces of jewelry in exquisite designs brought from the neighboring city of Taxco, famous for its silver creations.

Night Life

While the Sun sleeps, Ixtapa is filled with parties to the rhythm of the music. The boulevard comes to life with environments for all tastes.

Be sure to visit one of its picturesque bars to accompany a drink with trova or if your thing is to dance you will also find a large number of clubs and discos with Latin, electronic, tropical music, etc. that light up the night for you to enjoy until dawn.

Turtle Release

A unique life experience, without a doubt, is the Turtles release. Just at sunset, young and old gather on various beaches in Ixtapa to select a nest where they can help baby

turtles reach the ocean waters for the first time, protecting them from their predators. This activity greatly helps the preservation of their species and allows us to contribute something very valuable to nature. Live this special moment in the company of your family and learn together more about the habitat of this and other marine animals.

The main beaches for the release of turtles are Playa Palmar and Playa Troncones.