Advantages of the Membership


    • Enjoy great flexibility to travel where you want, how you want, and when you want.
    • Plan your vacations freely in any season, because The Club at Presidente was designed for you and your family to make your dreams come true all year round.
    • Use all the Points you want, with no annual limit.
    • Enjoy the same daily rate in any season.
    • Pay only when you travel.
    • Vacation more days than ever, taking advantage of the availability and economic convenience that certain seasons of the year offer. You’ll be surprised how many nights your Membership can give you when you travel during off-peak seasons.
    • Be a guest with special privileges, at Presidente InterContinental Hotels and affiliates of The Club at Presidente.

Enjoy vacations for many years to come, at today’s prices, at highly attractive destinations, in the best places in Mexico and the world.

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